Roboteam develops and manufactures highly intuitive, robust and cost effective robotic platforms and controllers. By developing products with grants directly from major US and Israeli government organizations, Roboteam ensures that its patented technologies fulfill operational needs within the growing markets of Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

Roboteam’s platforms are developed and manufactured in coordination with American and Israeli governmental agencies. Roboteam’s robotic platforms include:

Individual Robotic Intelligence System (IRIS) is a miniature, super deployable, extremely rugged unmanned vehicle system. The IRIS is a highly maneuverable, ultra-light weight, ruggedized robot designed to support military forces in infantry, intelligence and special operations missions.

Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) system – a miniature robot designed for intelligence gathering and counter operations in rugged, mountainous terrains and urban combat zones using cutting-edge video and acoustic surveillance features. It is considered to be the lightest unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) of its kind.

The Ruggedized Operator’s Control Unit 5 (ROCU-5) is capable of interfacing with multitude unmanned vehicles and systems and can be adjustable to operator’s unique preferences. The ROCU-5 is fully ruggedized and ergonomic MIL-STD compliant, designed by specialists to provide the most intuitive and comfortable controlling device using Roboteam’s graphical user interface (GUI).

Ruggedized Operator’s Control Unit 7 (ROCU-7) is a 7 inch control unit that is fully adapted to unmanned platforms (ground robots & UAVs). The ROC-U 7 incorporates highly intuitive guiding systems, and is designed specifically for the use of Special Forces in various battlefields.

Roboteam’s multi-disciplinary technologies have been successfully tried in numerous operational missions, such as gathering tactical intelligence, explosive ordnance disposal, subterranean/tunnel clearing, urban search & rescue, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear enhanced explosives (CBRNe) surveying, and many others.


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