transSpot is the provider of AdStopsTM, an on-line advertising management platform with advanced content display technologies. The platform makes it easy and efficient for both large and local businesses to digitally advertise on stationary and mobile display systems located in key locations.

transSpot is involved in a project with the largest and most influential newspaper in the People’s Republic of China, called People’s Daily. transSpot’s AdStopsTM platform is installed in People’s Daily e-newspaper displays, which are comprised of double 26″-46″ touch screens and show newspaper content. The project involves the deployment of over one million such e-Newspaper displays throughout China by 2020. By the end of 2013, People’s Daily expects to operate more than 50,000 displays.

AdStopsTM, system is also installed in Modena, Italy and is poised to be installed in a London-based digital signage company.

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