Stem Cell Medicine

Stem Cell Medicine was founded in 2010 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs in the life science & pharmaceuticals industries. Stem Cell Medicine plans to play an active role in guiding and shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry, now entering the era of personalized medical treatments. Customized medicine will largely depend on cell therapy and stem-cell combinations. Stem Cell Medicine intends to contribute significantly to the industry’s leap from current stem-cell R&D practices, technology and first-stage product development to pharmaceutical solutions.

Stem Cell Medicine is currently building its 3-D laboratory complex in the biotechnology park in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem. The site is a world class R&D complex which will include state of the art manufacturing labs for Stem Cells, long acting Depot formulations and Anti-Cancer (Oncology) pharmaceuticals all hosted under one roof to facilitate knowledge sharing.



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