Our Enterprise

BIT Enterprises Ltd. (“BIT”) is Crossroad’s investment advisor and representative. Operating from Israel, BIT evaluates investment opportunities for the fund using highly-reputable field experts and professionals.

Pre-Investment Activities

  • Creating Deal flow – reviewed more than 600 opportunities in 2011-2012.
  • Meeting with potential opportunities for investments – met with more than 340 companies in 2011-2012.
  • Preliminary Business Review – was conducted for 217 companies using analysts, CPA’s and in-field professionals in 2011-2012.
  • Technology & IP review – technologies and innovations examined and evaluated by top Israeli and international leading scientists and experts.
  • Term Sheet – extensive negotiations with target companies, including collaboration with leading international and Israeli VC funds and conglomerates.
  • Investments – invested in 9 companies.

Post-Investment Activities

  • Board of Directors – serving as directors in the portfolio companies.
  • Crossroad portfolio companies relations – maintaining on-going relationship between the portfolio companies and the fund.
  • Strategic and business support – providing active support to portfolio companies in their strategic and business objectives.
  • Creating international and domestic business opportunities and connections.
  • Promoting additional investment rounds.


  • Extensive business and management experience.
  • Reputability in the local and international business arena.
  • Unique business opportunities internationally and domestically – cooperation with international conglomerates.
  • A network of leading universities and research institutes.
  • Liaisons with top international and Israeli leading scientists and engineers.